Monday, February 26, 2007

Have a Coke and a Smile!

Last night I went searching for Skua. No, not
the bird. Earlier in the year I blogged about
the Skua birds that seem to hunt humans down if
they are carrying food. The Skua I'm discussing is:

* A verb: I'm going to Skua this lava lamp
* A noun: I found a really good bowling ball in Skua
* A adjective: This cheese is definitely Skua

This is a great time of year for Skua...all three
varieties. I'm not a junk collector. I have
enough of that sitting around without even trying.
You never know what you're going to find however.
I love Diet Coke. Ok, maybe love is too strong
a word, but I really like Diet Coke...a lot.
Even though they sell it in the store here, it
always seems to be kind of funky and I don't mean
funky-good. I mean funky-nasty. It's either been
sitting too long in a warehouse, on a dock, on a
boat or somewhere unmentionable. So when I walked
into now-abandoned Dorm 207, I couldn't believe my
eyes. Just over a case of Diet bottles...
In Antarctica! I thought about that line in "Silence
of The Lambs" "whoever handled that cocoon raised it
himself, nurtured it inside an ideal environment, fed
it the best food, saw to its every need. Oh yes, he says,
someone loved this moth". Only in this case it wasn't a
moth, but a case...of Diet Coke. Someone had to take
great care to get a case of glass bottles of
Diet Coke all the way from New Zealand to McMurdo without
any breaking. Let alone the hassle of lugging all that
weight around. Glass bottles make pop taste really
great...but it's really really heavy. Trust me...I
carried this stuff up and down several flights of stairs.
So as I sat back on the couch and drank my first good
tasting Diet Coke in almost 6 months...I smiled.

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