Saturday, March 03, 2007

From All Over

We had our first All Hands Meeting of the
Winter Season yesterday. I'm responsible for
putting together the presentation and besides
having lots of informative stuff, it also needs
to keep people's attention. One of those ways is
to dig up info about the community, in a non-gossipy
way. For example, this year there are

28 Women 24%
91 Men 76%

Uncannily, none of the 28 women have the same first
name. Of the 91 men, there are 5 names that 4 men
have each.


And out of 119 people, we have folks here from:

38 Different States - 18 from Colorado
3 Countries - US, New Zealand and Canada

It's amazing that that many states are represented.
Even places like Delaware and North Dakota. So only
a few states like South Dakota, Nevada and Vermont
aren't represented. I'm looking forward to talking
to the person from North Dakota. I don't think I've
ever met anyone from there before.

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Rhea said...

Interesting stats. Thanks for those.