Monday, February 19, 2007

New Season...New Job???

I love my summer job. I like it so much, I'm coming
back next summer to do the same thing. being an Air
Services Rep is right up my alley. I get to deal with
people travelling, get to do some myself and I work with
great people.

However...summer is ending in 5 days. I won't be working
with Sheri, Susie, Maria and Shawn. I will miss them.
Other seasons I couldn't wait for summer to end so that
winter could start. This year I'm feeling a bit melancholy (sp?)
as a lot of my friends are leaving. Leaving for travels, fun,
sunshine and the color green. Lynn and have no travels, fun,
but not the same kind, darkness and the colors white, gray and
black ahead of us. Am I wishing I wasn't wintering? To a point
I think everyone that winters wishes they weren't just a little
at this time of year. Call it summer envy.

I came down here in October knowing that after the last flight,
I would be transferring to the Supply Department to work as a
Materialsperson. Lynn works in Supply and I was to work in
Central Supply with both Sandwich and Carrie. Two really nice
people who I hope to get to know better this winter.

Ok...this is where it all gets crazy.

On Tuesday, a friend of ours that just arrived decided she
wasn't going to winter. She was to be the Chalet Admin for
the season. Even though it's known as "Chalet Admin",
the Chalet (the headquarters building for the whole station)
is closed for the winter and headquarters will be in Building
165 (see photo above). I interviewed for the job, got it, didn't
take it, had difficult decisions, had loyalty decisions and
eventually took the job. Even the head of the compnay was
involved. I felt very flattered that I was such a desired commodity!
So with a heavy heart, I left Supply and tomorrow start my new
job. It will be a huge learning curve (four days of training)
and very challenging. However, I feel very much up to the task.
Everyone that I know from winters past that are here this year
are congratulating me when they see me on station. It's a good
feeling, but it's going to be long hours and hard work. I'll
still miss my friends from summer. It's hard to see them go.
But...I have a big job ahead of me. I think I'll like it.


Anonymous said...

A very interesting turn of events. I will stay tuned to see how it goes with your new job.

dani said...

another summer...holy cow?? are you leaving at winfly and then headiong back down again??? so exciting...and i have to say i am suprised...and congratulations on the new position...who bailed??? talk soon...jennifer kemper says hi...we are traveling in poland and the czech republic at the moment...big hugs to you and lynn from me :) dani d.

Lori Murray said...

Wow, that's a cool job. Congrats!
THOUGH, we've had a conversation about how many months you can work on the Ice :-)

So summer/winter/summer? You need a break for some greenery.