Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I left my new job today for an hour or so to help
with the transport of Flight ACH053. This is the
next to last flight leaving McMurdo. We are running
so short of help that Lynn had to drive one of the
shuttle vans out to Pegasus today since most of the
Shuttles Department is gone for the season. Many
good friends left today and I'm very sad. Too many
to name them all, but Shawn, Maria and Sheri from my
ATO job are now landing in Christchurch as I speak and
Amy, Stefan, Kathy, Todd, Billy T, Lisa, Karen, most
of the Cargo Handlers, Lenny, Rhoda, and countless others
are gone. I feel a little empty yet ok with it at the same
time. I know I will see all of them again but a feeling
of mourning is still present. Only one more flight to
go. Still lots of friends leaving on Saturday that will
be rough to say goodbye to. Work is keeping me busy
though and making it easier. But...I already miss my
summer friends.

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