Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Die Dirty Dishes...Die

With the smaller population here this year, we are
required to pitch in and wash dishes. Not just when we
feel like it or just washing the dishes we use (like at
Scott Base). We wash everyone's dishes on an assigned
day. Unfortunately I've been given the unenviable task
of setting up the schedule, which shouldn't be horrible
but it has potential. Anyway, Tonight was my turn to
wash. Coincidentially, it was also Lynn's turn, so we
washed together. The dish part was easy. When you only
have 119 people there aren't a lot of dishes, cups, trays
and silverware. Where the job gets horrible is the Pot Room.
You'd never guess that cooking for 119 people would generate
so many dirty pots and pans. It kind of felt like that old
"I Love Lucy" episode. Just when you thought you were all
caught up, more pots and pans would arrive, even dirtier
than the last batch. Ugh. Well, only 5 more times this
season. I need a shower.

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Anonymous said...

organize those pots and pans by size and get them soaking long before you start scrubbing.

You should be able to fit and soak at least 8 of the four and six inch hotel pans in one basin. And then soak your odd shapped pots and pans in the other tub.

While those pans are soaking, get all of your front work finished up. Shut Big Bertha down at 7 p.m. Don't be afraid to leave some dishes up front for the morning crew. It gives them something to do.

Once the dining room is ready and clean, tackle that pot room. And with the pans pre-soaked it should be a breeze...

(tell Jon Siegel this advice was given by)

Pot Room McGraw