Monday, March 05, 2007

Last Day at the Chalet

Even though I've only been on the job for about
two weeks, I'm getting ready to work in my
second building of the winter. My boss, David
and I moved from the Chalet to Building 165.
The Chalet is a cool little building, but it
doesn't do well in winter, being drafty, poorly
insulated and on the other side of town. 165
is only half as long a walk from our dorm
also so if I wanted to be really lazy, I could
wake up late and stroll over to work taking my
sweet time. I'll be back to the Chalet though
in August, right before Winfly when it opens
back up.

What I will miss most about the Chalet though are
the flags. Inside are displayed flags from each
of the signatory nations of the Antarctic Treaty.
They're very bright, very colorful and perfect for
a vexillologist like me. That and the flags that
fly outside on the deck make it a great place to
work. When Lynn finishes making my flag for the
Antarctic Vexillological Association, I'll fly it
on the deck outside the Chalet for just long enough
to get some good pictures. Then it will be in my
new workspace in Building 165. Meanwhile the flags
at the Chalet will be cold and dark...waiting for
spring, when the sun will help them show their colors

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