Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm So Blue

I pride myself on trying to talk about things
on this blog that no one else seems to mention
on their McMurdo blogs. The other day, I was
looking for a good photo of a blue tray. For
those who've never been here, the blue tray is
something you see every day. It is the common
denominator. Kind of like death and taxes, it's
always around. Everytime you eat a meal, the blue
tray is ever present. Some people are rebels.
They don't use a blue tray. They just use a plate.
Total anarchists will use a blue tray...and no plate.
Either way, you have to address the tray when making
your dining selection. Once somebody looked up the
blue tray in Mapcon (the electronic inventory control
program) and found that the blue tray is valuable
indeed. Each is worth $6.00. Not bad for a tray
built in California, a world traveler and able to
bound snowy hills as a sled in a single bound (not
an official use). So here I pen my ode to the blue
tray. The great unifier of all that is McMurdo.


Anonymous said...

Conspiracy Theory #23
Red and yellow make you more hungry (the McDonald's secret). Blue is an appetite suppressant. Not only are the trays blue, so are the plastic cups, the Dining Attendant shirts and a lot of the trim in the dining facility. Hmm.

Tom said...

So is the big clock on the wall that everyone hates...hmmm...I definitely smell a conspiracy

Benjamin said...

When Phil Jacobsen left the ice after his Dimaggio-like 14 months as a DA, he was so happy that he would never have to see a blue tray again and then equally dissapointed when he got to Christchurch and found out that someone had slipped one in his bag before it was loaded on the plane. Ah, that Phil.

Anonymous said...

That's just WRONG. :)