Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mrs. Chippy's Revenge

Last night was the first "Scott Base Trivia Night" of
the season. However, since the bar at Scott Base is all
torn up, it was held in the McMurdo Galley. Grump was
the organizer and since he's a Kiwi working at McMurdo
this year instead of a Kiwi working at Scott Base this
year, the night didn't seem so out of place. I have
great expectations from our team this year. Through a
few minutes of email, we chose our name...Mrs. Chippy's
Revenge. For those of you who are not familiar with
Antarctic lore, Mrs. Chippy was the cat of the Shackleton
Expedition that was stranded over the winter on the Ice
and had to rescue themselves from being stranded. It
wasn't a memorable expedition for Mrs. Chippy as they
put her (actually Mrs. Chippy was a "He") down when they
discovered that they would have to start traversing north
to be rescued...hence our team's name.
Anyway, even though we got more answers right than the
winning team (a long drawn out process...don't ask)and
we had only four members (Me, Lynn, Lisa and Tad)
compared to their 6 members, we finished second. Not
too bad considering we won two bottles of wine for our
efforts. Next month is round two. Hopefully we will make
Mrs. Chippy proud.

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