Friday, March 30, 2007


Every Wednesday and Friday evenings, people make the
short walk past the Galley Dock, through the Library
doors and no, not to the Library. To the IBDC. IBDC is
short for International Beverage Distribution Center.
The goofy name for the Liquor Store. I think they
thought putting flags in this storage room would give
it some sort of international flair, but instead it
looks like a storage room...with flags. This all came
about because this year there isn't a Materialsperson
to deliver liquor from the usual warehouse to the Store.
Instead, it's kept here, in this room and sold two days
a week by Amy, who's in charge of the Store. On these
days people "have" to buy lots of liquor since even the
Bar, Southern Exposure is BYOB this year. As for me, I
buy my Club Soda, Diet Coke and an occasional bottle of
wine and am quite happy. And the great thing about today's
blog entry...I'm the first person ever to blog about the
IBDC. Everything...and I mean almost everything about
McMurdo has been blogged about (you run out of new topics
after a while). However, the IBDC is something new this
winter, and in my geeky way, have just added it's presence
to the blogosphere.

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