Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Decorative and Attractive

There were several "casualties" in the aftermath of the
storm we've had the past few days. One was the broken
windows on several vehicles that were being stored for
the winter. Apparently blowing rocks and glass do not
make for good neighbors.
The oddest occurrence though was this crate of bamboo
pieces that were found strewn behind one of the fuel
tanks in the pass between McMurdo and Scott Base. Each
piece of bamboo is a uniform 1 inch wide by 12 inches
long and there are approximately 2000 of them.

Now you may think it's odd that there is bamboo in Antarctica.
Not at all. Thousands of long pieces of bamboo have given their
lives over the decades to place flags upon to mark routes on the
sea ice and over various trails around the continent. However,
These particular pieces are all of the same length, have no useful
purpose and were evidently sent here by someone for some odd reason.
The makings of many Pan Flutes for Zamfir? Relay Race batons?
Torture devices for people with very large fingernails?
Pocket-sized Didgeradoos? The possibilities are endless.
Many of them are labeled "Decorative and Attractive". I guess so.
However, I now have one in my possession and I don't particulary find
it Decorative OR Attractive. I am giving serious thought to that
Zamfir Pan Flute idea though...

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Benjamin said...

It's easy to wax poetic on your blog when you didn't have to go up and pick up 2000 pieces of bamboo strewn all over the hillside. I love working in Antarctica. Except today of course.