Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Weather With You

We've had some really nasty weather pretty much every day this
week. Monday's trip to the NASA golf ball to watch the last
sunset was cancelled (the trip was cancelled, not the sunset).
Tuesday it was so windy that the building I work in (B-165) was
shaking and the walls were breathing in and out. It felt like
something out of a horror movie. My computer screen was vibrating
so much I thought I would need pills for motion sickness. Today
the conditions are not quite as bad, but bad enough. I can see
the chapel out of my window at work which is about 100 feet away,
while yesterday I couldn't. No Condition 1 here in town though
much to the chagrin of someone that has today or had yesterday in
the Condition 1 Pool. Every winter, a pool is started to guess
when the first of these days occurs. It seems that it almost
always falls on the birthday of Lynn's boss, Eileen. That's in
mid May. As for the current weather though, we share the building
with the weather forecasters from SOPP. The SOPP boss, Al, actually
used my window yesterday to see if he could see Hut Point. Because
he couldn't, he declared it Condition 2. I'm sure there were other
reasons as well, but looking out the "Weather Window" as it is labeled,
certainly was one of those factors. As for now, I'm typing away,
listening to the wind, not looking forward to the walk home in the
wind and snow and thinking how otherworldly the weather map looks.
Maybe tomorrow will be a Condition 1 day. One person will be
wealthier because they won the pool. 118 other people will be happy
because they get to sleep in.

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