Monday, April 16, 2007

Playing The Victim

Last week a practice drill for the practice (does that
make sense?) MCI (Mass Casulty Incident) was held by
the Medical Department. The MCI drill is held in case
there is a real Mass Casulty Incident and almost everyone
on Station has a responsibility. Because this particular
drill involved only the Medical responders, my particular
job in the Command Center was not needed, so I was drafted
as a volunteer. From my past experience in these drills,
I know that there are three different areas of care given.
Green - Victims that are not badly hurt but need medical
attention. Yellow - Victims that have more serious injuries,
but are not considered life threatening, although if not
treated, could become so. Red - Victims that have injuries
that are life threatening. There is a fourth category, Black.
However, with Black, you're dead and really don't need any
medical attention. So I got there early. I wanted to be a
Green. Greens typically don't have to be carried on a stretcher
and because I was almost dumped out of a stretcher a couple of
years ago during one of these things I avoid them like the
plague. So here I am, with my "broken foot" and they shove
me onto a stretcher and tie me in. Good thing too since I was
almost tipped over again while entering the firehouse. I was
strapped in, but it was still pretty scarey regardless. These
are old military-type stretchers that rest on these flimsy
looking metal table legs that look like refugees from some old
MASH unit. Yikes! So I survived the practice. When we have the
drill in the next week or so, I'll be in the EOC (Emergency
Operations Center) where all the "important" people to the event
hang out. Of course, my job will be gopher, note taker, organizer
etc. but at least I won't have to worry about falling off a stretcher.

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