Thursday, April 19, 2007

Where's Woodrow?

I knew that one day my geekiness would pay off. Ok...let me
clarify that. My geekiness has paid off many times, but this
is just the most recent. We battled our adversaries in Trivia
last night. We were only one of two teams that have only four
members. A sticky point since traditionally each team has four
members. However, now some teams have five and six and our
closest competitors now have seven! The thought process is that
the more people you have on your team, it's a larger pool of
knowledge to pull from. I suppose it could also mean a larger
pool of wrong answers too. I think that's what happened last
night as we smoked the competition on our way to a resounding
victory. The question that I felt most proud of answering was:
How many presidents are buried in Washington D.C.?
This is where my geekiness comes in. A few years ago, Lynn and
I were doing the traditional visit Washington D.C. tour and went
to the National Cathedral. I hadn't planned seeing it since I didn't
know it was there, but inside the cathedral was Woodrow Wilson's
crypt. Kinda creepy, but there nonetheless. Now, seven or so
years later this question comes up. With all of the presidents
that have died over the last two hundred years, only one...yes
one, is buried in Washington. Woodrow Wilson. Some may think
JFK, but he's in Arlington National Cemetery which is in Virginia.
So my geekiness of visiting odd places and seeing odd things has
paid off...yet again.

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