Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Tired Galley Staff

The Galley staff has been working their butts off
this year. With only three cooks, a supervisor that
also cooks, a baker, a greenhouse tech and a dishwasher
that organizes all of us amateur dishwashers, they have
their hands full. Still not enough help when there's
112 other mouths to feed. Add to this their House Mouse
duties and they're working almost 70 hours per week.
As a station, we've recently had the chance to add input
whether we can do without Sunday dinner. After receiving
many positive comments, our Station Manager David,
announced that we will be having only brunch on Sundays
from 10 until 2. Everyone is on their own for dinner,
meaning we need to have stuff in our rooms, eat cereal
from the Galley or make a sandwich there. This will save
about four hours labor per person that works in the Galley.
I think it's a good thing since we cook a lot in our room
on Sunday evening anyway. In the meantime, I hope these
folks get some well deserved rest.

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