Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cosmos 1707

Last night was one of those nights that most people in
the civilized world don't see anymore. With a lack of
any wind it was a perfect night to go outside and look
at the stars. Because of light pollution, many people
have never seen the Milky Way, let alone much more than
just the major stars in the sky. We even have light
pollution here, but if one goes to the right areas of
town, most light is blocked off. When that happens,
WOW. What a light show! I was even lucky enough to see
a satellite last night. Cosmos 1707, which is a Russian
spy satellite. When we lived in the mountains in Colorado,
I would use a website called Heavens Above to track satellites.


That's how I knew which satellite it was. Actually it's
quite easy to see satellites almost anywhere in the world
as long as you know when and where to look. There's so
many of them, they go over all the time. Even here.
Eventually it got too cold to stay out much longer and
I came inside, grateful that I got to enjoy seeing the
night sky as my ancestors had seen it. Without light

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