Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lynn's A Plunger

Scott Base holds three Polar Plunges each winter. The
first of which was this weekend. After all these months,
I have never had the desire to jump into 28 degree farenheit
water. However, it's been in the back of Lynn's mind for
some time now. On Saturday, she plunged. No Dad, no Mom,
it wasn't me, it was your crazy daughter-in-law. Every
year my Dad claims that we have to take the psych test to
prove that we're crazy enough to winter...this conversation
is quickly followed by the fact that I haven't plunged yet.
I told someone this weekend that the reason I hadn't plunged
was that heart disease runs in my family...unfortunately,
cowardice also runs in my family apparently. I may
do the big plunge in mid June when it really gets cold. The
water always stays approximately 28 degrees...rather balmy.
The air temp however is another thing. Luckily this weekend
it was a warm 3 degrees with very little wind. I've seen some
people plunge with wind chills nearly -100. That's when body parts
start to fall off. (But the water is still 28 degrees). Lynn
said she wasn't that cold until she got out of the water, climbing
up the ladder and that the water was very dark and still. Kind
of eerie. So there you go. She's a plunger. Will I be a plunger?
We'll see in a month or so. Will survival instinct overcome sheer
stupidity? Only time will tell.

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