Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Future of Movies

This weekend we enjoyed two well-made, entertaining
movies with great sound and a great large-screen picture.
Did McMurdo build a new theatre this winter? Is that why
there are more construction people here? No to both
questions. A friend of ours downloaded legitimate
copies of both "Blood Diamond" and "Pan's Labyrinth" off the
internet with all the bells and whistles. Not bootleg copies.
Their projector system works so well that Lynn and I are
thinking about getting one as our replacement television when
our current television finally gives up the ghost. Imagine
watching practically new movies (both have been released since
we've been on the Ice) with great sound, great large screen
picture, your own snacks (not the exorbitantly priced theatre
snacks), no chatty people sitting behind you, no sticky floor
and no really expensive tickets. Just the cost of electricity
and the download fee. Then, you get to keep the movie and watch
it as much as you want. Yes, similar to DVDs and VHS tapes that
we've had for years, but with the new technology of home video
and audio equipment, so much better. Especially if you're in
a remote area like this. If I were a theatre owner...I'd be

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