Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's Aurora Season

This morning at 7:46, our friend Anthony (Antz) took the
first decent photo of the season of Auroras here in town.
Antz felt it wasn't that bright but was "enough for a quick
photo". To save energy and cut down costs, the station is in
the process of shutting down a lot of the lights around town.
I've been trying to get them to do this for years and am a
big advocate of the International Dark Sky Association:

Back in 2004, I proposed this very same energy-saving and
light polution reducing plan to the President of RPSC. He
thought it was a good idea, but he retired soon after and
as far as I can tell, the plan to do this died on his desk.
At least until this year, with the emphasis on cost savings.
So it looks like this is finally going to be the year we can
easily see auroras, the Milky Way and both the Large and the
Small Magellanic Clouds right here, without going onto the
Ice Shelf. Let alone get the usual excellent views of the
Southern Cross. As for aurora pix, I'll be posting the good
ones as they come along.

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