Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Safety Saga

Our Quality Control person, Diamond, authored
"A Safety Saga" when it was discovered that a
very large "fine" was left in the middle of the
road yesterday. Fines are small, pebble sized
pieces of rock that are placed on the roadways
over the snow and Ice to provide traction. One
fine was slightly larger than most however...
It stars Bill, the NSF Station Manager as...The Client.

"Returning to work following a fine repast in the
Dining Facility, the client, busy chatting, failed
to see the McMurdo fines at his feet".

"Catching his toe on a small stone, the client realized
his fate. Recalling similar situations in the past he quickly forgot
to tuck and roll and went into the stretch and dive mode instead".

"Undaunted by the adventure, he rapidly regained his feet
and stated, “I meant to do that”, then proudly placed his
foot on the offending fine and declared himself the victor.
He is now back in his office, safely tucked away from
potential Antarctic hazards. He is happy in the knowledge
the station is proactive in preventing slippage by coating
the ice with the finest fines money can’t buy".

The moral of the story:
Some people have too much time on their hands.

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Lori Murray said... the size of those fines :-)