Saturday, May 26, 2007

Southern Exposure

Lynn had never been to Southern Exposure (or Southern as it's
usually called). Southern is the smoking bar on station and
since it's the only bar open this winter, it's that or nothing.
Lynn (or me either for that matter) really doesn't like a lot
of smoke and since Southern usually has the smokey ambience of
a bingo parlour on overload, for us it's not that great a place
to be. Also, to give you a good idea what kind of "bar" people
we are, I'd only been to Southern twice in five years so it wasn't
like I had a permanent stool with my name on it either. However,
Lynn's boss, Eileen was putting money on the bar (which means
she was paying for the drinks) and it was going to be a "Supply
Social" which means that all Supply department employees (including
Lynn) should be there as well as a welcomed guest (me in this case).
So we got there around 7:30, everyone looked a little surprised and
we settled in for the evening. We had a really good time visiting
with everyone. There was a rumor that a bounty was put on "getting
Lynn and Tom drunk", but that bounty was uncollected as we were
able to leave pretty sober after three hours. However, the whole
bar sang "Happy Birthday" to Lynn. Someone found out that it was
Lynn's first trip to the bar and said "Happy Birthday". This was
overheard and all of a sudden, the whole bar (about 40 people) broke
out in song. Lynn just went along with it like a trooper, but for
the rest of the night, people were wishing her a Happy Birthday
(it's really in December). Anyway, we woke up without a hangover
this morning and besides some stinky, smokey clothes, survived
unscathed from Lynn's first trip to Southern.

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