Sunday, May 27, 2007

The View From Above

McMurdo From Building 71 - Click on Photo to Enlarge

My NSF boss, Bill took two of the best nighttime photos of McMurdo
I've seen. And I'm not just saying that because he's my boss. These
were taken just over a week ago on a Sunday afternoon. The first one
is from Building 71, which houses the NASA Radome, or "Golfball" as
it's known.

McMurdo From Ob Hill - Click on Photo to Enlarge

This photo is taken from Building 126 which is partially up Observation
Hill and is home to a Supply warehouse. Both photos show the intense
amount of light that we have here in town and in fact that's why he
took the photographs to begin with. As I wrote a few weeks back,
we're trying to save energy and lessen the amount of light that is
wastefully used and these photos show exactly how much light is being
used and where. An added plus is that they're fun to look at.


Rhea said...

That looks like a small city.

Tom said...

It pretty much is a small city. We only have 119 people here now, but in the summer it can swell up to 1200. There's everything here from Waste Disposal, to food services to medical name it. Not