Sunday, June 17, 2007

Black, White and Red All Over

I grew up loving newspapers. My parents regularly received
a newspaper (sometimes two) every day and encouraged us kids
to read them as well. When I lived in Detroit almost 20 years
ago, I would read up to four different papers on a Sunday. My
perfect way to blow a day off. It saddens me that the newspaper
is slowly going the way of the dodo in most of the civilized
world. The internet is a wonderful thing because I can read an
electronic version of almost any paper in the world at the click
of a button. It's especially great for a place like McMurdo
that doesn't see a flight in or out for six months. If anyone
flying down at WINFLY asks me what they can bring me, it almost
always is a newspaper. This morning at OH 7 early, Lynn woke
me up and told me to look outside our door. Fighting the affects
of a late night of wining, dining and movie watching, I staggered
out of bed and opened the door. Imagine my glee and surprise to
find 3...yes 3 Sunday newspapers at our doorstep. Compliments of
our friends Christine and Antz across the hall. They sent me a
few newspapers this summer from New Zealand, but I had no idea I
could expect any at this dark and gloomy time of year. Granted,
they are from late January and early February and it's very old
NZ news, but they've never been read, are crisp and new, and all
mine. I will share them with others but it will be fun to spread
them out on the table with a cup of coffee over the next few weeks
and read all about what happened in the world...4 months ago.

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