Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Midwinter Dinner

We just got back from attending this year's Midwinter Dinner.
It's one of the big events of the season and really the only
one where most people get dressed up and look a lot different
from their normal wear of jeans and carharts. I've never seen
such a volunteering group down here as this winter, as there
was never a shortage of people helping out to put things
together. The food was delicious. Much less institutional
than usual and the desserts were awesome. The galley staff
came out for a standing ovation, toasts were given and dancing
ensued. I'm not a dancer but it was certainly fun to watch
those that have been taking Salsa lessons all season show their
stuff. Most people just hung out and chatted, drank wine and
had a good time. All celebrating the traditional half-way
point to the season.

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