Tuesday, June 26, 2007

en Español

I have a cool gadget on my blog called Tracksy that
lets me see how many people come to my blog each day
as well as who their internet provider is. I don't
get to see actual names so it's private for viewers.
However, I do get to see where people visit from and
today someone viewed my blog from Lima, Peru. During
this time, they used the translator tool on Google and
viewed bigblueglobe in Spanish. It's weird to see
something you work on every day translated into another
language. Nothing really exotic like Sami or even any
of the Khoisan languages (how would one translate
clicking sounds?) but still, Spanish is different enough.
Not that I feel the need to write my blog entries in
Spanish. I doubt most people in Spanish-speaking
countries feel compelled to post their ramblings in
English. However, it does remind me that a large part
of my home country is quickly becoming bi-lingual and
that there is a great language program (Rosetta Stone)
waiting for me in my room. Maybe I'll blow the dust
off of it and start brushing up on my Spanish again.

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