Monday, June 25, 2007


As promised, here are some shots from Saturday's
Midwinter Freakout at the Waste Barn. Some costumes
took many hours to make while mine was me telling
Lynn...Help, I need a costume and 30 seconds later,
I was out the door with some funky glow in the dark
cape, a witches hat and some face paint once I got

"Sandwich" went as half girl/half picnic, complete with
cups, plates and bugs.

Carrie had some sort of weird orange plastic thingy on
and the band invited anyone who wanted to read poetry
by Shel Silverstein and others to do so. Carrie read
about napping which is what a lot of us like to do at
lunchtime and I read a poem about Chicken. For anyone
that's ever eaten at McMurdo that's pretty self-explanatory.

And what's a party that uses black lights without glow
in the dark face paint and fluorescent highlighters?
Thankfully this photo only shows Seth (on the left) from
the waist up because his costume was way too scary from
the waist down. Tad (on the right) was actually fairly
conservatively dressed at this party considering at the
last two he wore a mumu-type dress and a kilt made from
gray sweat socks. Thankfully I haven't added those photos.

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Rhea said...

You really know how to have fun up there.