Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hens in a Bed

Yesterday, our friend Carrie sent out an announcement
that she was going to be in the Galley bright and early.
Ok, maybe not so bright and not so early, but 7:00 is
still pretty early considering I usually get up at 7:00
to be at work at 7:30. She announced to a gaggle (yes,
I know that's geese, not chickens) of us that she was
going to make us Hens in a Bed. (Sometimes called Eggs
in a Nest or Frogs in a Basket if you're Jed...I called
them S**t on a Shingle, but was immediately smacked down
on that one) Whatever you call them, they involve bread
and eggs and a grill. I lifted a whole loaf of pain au lait
(milk bread) for her the other evening and eggs are never
a problem, so all she needed was a griddle. Because the
Galley is short-staffed this winter, several days a week
we're allowed to cook our own eggs on the big, industrial
griddle, so this is where Carrie cooked our Hens in a Bed,
or whatever you want to call them.'s not like
we don't have people cook for us all the time. It is a
cafeteria after all. But this was special because it was
made especially for just a few of us.
Carrie...It was the best breakfast...EVER! :)

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AG Squared said...

Sh%*t on a shingle is actually toast with that Armor sliced dried beef and white gravy over the top. Mom used to serve this occasionally. She even called it that, but I wasn't allowed to call it that, at least not before I was 18. Heehee...