Monday, June 11, 2007

My Donut Just Got Bigger


Originally I was supposed to leave at WINFLY but since we
decided to Winter next year instead of spending the Summer
here, we decided to stay until October instead of leaving in
August. This did drastic things to my Donut of Misery. I
was at 77% done and now I'm only at 68%.


So today I signed my new contract. All very easy to do now
but I'm imagining that by around the third week of September
the extra 250+ extra people here will start getting rather
old and I'll be dreaming of exotic places. Of course staying
until October will help make visiting those exotic places a
more affordable reality.


Luciano Bove said...

Do not be sad....

Lori Murray said...

Hmm, how many months will that make? :-)

So Oct/Nov/Dec off the ice and then back. Do you have travel plans yet. Go someplace warm. We're having a wet & cold summer so far. I'm Hawaii dreaming already.

Tom said...

By then it will be 48 months on Ice for me and 51 for Lynn. Does that qualify us as OAE's? So far it looks like we're going to stop in Singapore, by train through Eastern Europe and then Morocco.