Sunday, June 10, 2007


There are a couple of construction projects going on this
winter and one of them is to construct a MOGAS pipeline.
MOGAS is a low octane unleaded petroleum that is used in
vehicles and portable generators. The pipeline is being
built between the Ice Pier and Scott Base to provide easy
access to both McMurdo and Scott Base through a series of
(mostly) above-ground pipes leading the two miles or so
between the two stations. This involves laying the pipe,
welding it, checking the welds, fitting in different angled
joints, burying it below ground at road crossings and
generally working in some crummy conditions. Tom (the other
Tom on Station) took this photo this morning and sent it to
me of the crew getting ready to work on the project. Of
course the area has to be brightly lit by big floodlights
so they can see what they're doing. The project won't be
finished until later this summer but it should make it much
easier for both stations to receive their fuel.

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