Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Surf's Up!

Is something wrong when there are whitecaps in your toilet?
Does your building feel and sound like the 8:13 Burlington
Northern freight train is racing past your desk? Do the walls
breath in and out but you don't live in a town called Amityville?
Ahh...then you must be in Antarctica...or more precisely,
Building 165. I would like to congratulate the folks that
got this building approved and built because they have moved
on to much more lucrative careers, such as selling swampland
in Florida or finding suckers to buy shares in the Brooklyn
Bridge. In a word...this building is...crappy. Especially
on days like today where the wind is blowing at 50+ knots and
you can't see more than a few dozen feet out your window. The
toilet actually has waves in it today. No joke. The building
is shaking so bad I feel like Dorothy and I'm definitely not
in Kansas any more.

I told Tom (the other Tom on station) about the high tide toilets,
not only for the traditional sitting toilet, but the urinal as
well. He went to the trouble of drawing a diagram to tell me
why the toilet water was destined for a boogie board. It has
something to do with air pressure pushing down on the water level
inside the toilet. He then brought in a cup of water and placed
it on my desk. It shouldn't move at all since it's not connected
to plumbing. However...the cup did jostle quite a bit. Not as
much as the toilets, but I factor in the amount and depth of the
water as well. The building doing the hula is definitely the
chief cause.

So now, my NSF boss is outside, walking around, deciding if it's
Condition 1 or not. If it is, then everyone needs to go home.
Sounds good to me. I think I'll go get my surfboard.


andrea said...

Sounds like you are in Shiverpool, Antarctica, the birthplace of the new penguin movie, "Surf's Up." Take care down there!

Anonymous said...

Ah, white out conditions. I frequently see this same view from my office window in the winter :-) Though today it's melting like crazy and sunny which is rather nice.