Friday, June 08, 2007

Golden Seafood Day

mmmmm....fried food....I have to hand it to the
Galley staff. Not only do they really do a great
job of serving us three tasty squares a day (often
making gourmet dishes out of sometimes subpar
quality ingredients), they're masters in the art of
marketing. A co-worker of ours rushed to the Galley
today because it was "Fried Food Friday". However,
the "fancy" name on the menu was "Golden Seafood Day".
Golden=Fried=Ugh=Nap. It's funny that one can make
Deep Fried Shrimp and Deep Fried Freezer Burned Fish
sound yummy by calling it "Golden". I know the Galley
staff must feel frustrated. They're all trained chefs
and they'd rather not serve "low bid" institutional food,
but kudos to them for doing the best they can with what
they have to work with.

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