Monday, June 25, 2007


I always say that my two favorite teams are the
Cubs and anyone that's playing the White Sox. The
last three days, it's been the same team...the Cubs.
Today, the Cubs completed a three game sweep of the Sox
in the City Series that happens twice each year. Five
out of Six from the Southsiders who are truly horrible
this year...and I couldn't be happier. My Cubs spent
$300 million this year on player payroll so it's about
time they started playing well. Too bad they can't
play all of their games against the Sox!


Benjamin said...

I believe it is called "The El Series" because Mets/Yankees is "The Subway Series," Dodgers/Angels is the "Freeway Series" and Yankees/Red Sox (or in the case of interleague play and the '86 World Series, Mets/Red Sox) is called "The Shuttle Series" as the short flights from New York to Boston are called shuttles.

t1g said...

I'm a Sox fan who likes to watch the Cubes. Until these two series.

The last three games were pitiful on the Sox side, and pretty impressive on the Cubs'. I'll definitely give them that.

Without trying to sound like a Cubbie fan, "Wait 'til next year!" :)