Sunday, July 29, 2007

An Afternoon Tea

A bit of sophistication came to McMurdo Station this
afternoon, as Melanie hosted the "Afternoon Tea for the
Ladies of Ross Island". Lynn attended and since I'm not
a lady, I did not. However, Grump was there as the
Concierge and Nathan played acoustic background music on
his guitar. It looks like everyone that attended had a
good time with most of the Kiwi women from Scott Base and
about half of McMurdo's there. Of course many wore their
tea "finery" including hats (very English of course).
Not sure where Helen found a "fur" stole to wear, but get
a look at Nathan's pink hat (last photo). Very Haute Culture!


dom said...

Cracking photos ! So very British what what !
I've been trying for eons to get an Antarctic flag to go with my collection (163 countries to date) I hope your server isn't in Cambridgeshire, like the last 3 Antarctic blogs hahaha !

Unknown said...

Hi dom!
Thanks for reading my blog. I'm sad to say that you will probably only get a Centennial Colorado listing since that's where our server is located. However, you're more than welcome to use my Antarctic Flag as a symbol: