Sunday, July 01, 2007

Blue Moon Run

I don't have a runner's body but I was able to help
today as a volunteer for the Blue Moon Run. It's
a 1.5 mile run from the Gerbil Gym (the gym that
holds the aerorbic exercise equipment) to Scott's Hut
and back. Plus, by helping out, I got a free race

Instead of running, I was a driver of one of the mobile
warming other words, a van. My station was out
near Hut Point near the Ice Pier Tower of Power. No
sooner than I got parked, the first runners were running
past me toward the Hut. I got to play cheerleader to
everyone that ran by as I was the only race volunteer
that far from the starting line. Walkers were also welcome
to participate and they gradually made it by, going both
ways. As the last walked by, that was my cue to return
to the starting line and I almost got stuck in the snow
but shifted into a lower gear and made it. That would
have been embarrasing!

Some of the runners were really fast! Our friend Nathan
won the race with a time of just over 8 minutes, followed
by Alex and Martin. Almost as quickly as it started, it
was over. The weather was absolutely fantastic. Last
year, people got frotbite while running this race, but
this year, with the full moon, no wind and not-so-cold
temps, people hung out outside after the race.

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