Monday, July 02, 2007

Move Over Cows...

We're in the barn. Not a phrase you hear every
day, but one that some people growing up in Indiana
use when playing Euchre. Lynn and I played in a
Euchre marathon yesterday. The first annual McMurdo
Winter Euchre tournament consisted of 12 players,
each playing 11 games. We thought this would take
about 3 hours. After 4 hours we had only finished
6 games and decided one can play too much Euchre
in one day and decided to play the last 5 games next
weekend. On top of that, Lynn and I and some of our
friends got together at Hut 10 to hang out, watch
movies Euchre on Saturday night. I didn't
think that I would ever say this, but I'm really tired
tired of Euchre...until I play next time!

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