Sunday, July 15, 2007

Calzones For Kids

Every winter, McMurdo Winterovers are quite generous with
their money, donating lots of it to charity. One of the
biggest recipients is the Cholmondeley Children's Home near
Christchurch. A large event held every winter to raise
that money is "Calzones For Kids" operated by the Supply
Department. All of the members of the department pitch
in to take orders, make and bake the calzones and
deliver them to the Winterover community. All calzones
are free, but a small donation is requested, with the
proceeds going to Cholmondeley.

Because Lynn is in Supply and I like everyone in the
department, I volunteered to help. We got to the kitchen
at around 4pm on Saturday and were tasked with making 242
calzones. 94 out of the 119 McMurdo-ites had placed an
order as well as a large order coming from Scott Base. We
had our hands full and to make a lot of "dough" we "kneaded"
to get busy. (Couldn't resist...sorry) Five different
calzones were available, including a vegetarian option so
we had to keep track of how many of each would be required
based on the orders that were taken during the week. Angie
and the Galley crew did an awesome job of pre-making the
dough and gathering all the ingredients ahead of time so
that speeded up the process quite a bit. Either Ranch or
Marinara dip was available, so those had to be prepared as
well. By the time we were done, all 242 plus a couple extra
were completed.

Sunday, a different group of Supply folks (with some repeaters)
were charged with baking and delivering. By the end of the
evening, over $2200 in donations were collected. A very
generous amount from a very generous community. All for
a great cause. Kids. One of the things we don't have here
at McMurdo. Also, a big thanks to Eileen for her organization
of the event. It was a great success and I think most people
had fun with it.

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