Monday, July 02, 2007

Captain of a Sinking Ship

A sure sign that WINFLY (Winter Fly In) is on the way
is Fleet Ops plowing the road to Pegasus Runway. These
aren't your ordinary, average plows and snow blowers.
These guys move mountains of snow, all in the dark and
certainly in the cold. On a related note, I was in charge
of the station yesterday for almost two hours. Well, kind
of. My two bosses drove out to Pegasus with the Fleet Ops
Foreman (Bob) to check out the condition of the runway. When
you leave town this time of year, you have to radio to the
Firehouse who is leaving, how long you'll be gone and who
your contact person is in case there is trouble. I was the
the contact!
So with both of my bosses gone and
driving on a road with Bob (no explaination needed there)
over a treacherous road on ice covering hundreds of feet of
water...Think of the possibilities! Alas, they returned
(I don't mean to sound disappointed) and I returned to my
normal job. Sigh.

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