Friday, July 13, 2007

Pretty Ominous

Al, our weather guy has told us, "if even a part of
this hits, it's gonna pound the snot out of us…maybe
for a couple days, off and on…Everything is still
saying Sunday for the good stuff; winds starting to
pick up tomorrow night" Al's been accurate a lot this
year, so this has all the markings of our first
Condition 1 of the season.

Postscript: We waited and waited but...nothing...
a little wind and snow Monday morning but nothing
spectacular...still no Condition 1's this season


Anonymous said...

Oh, scary. What will it be? High winds, snow?

MattO said...

what's the con 1 pool up to?

hi tom, found your site the other day through ben bonnet. great to keep up with what's happening.


Lori Murray said...

I managed to get through the whole winter up here this year, without a Phase 3 (that's your Condition 1). I know they're dangerous, but there is also an element of fun and accomplishement facing each one.

Unknown said...

Rhea...looks like it will be lots of snow and about 60mph wind

Unknown said...

Great to hear from you Matt...The Con 1 pool is up to $1290!