Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sensory Underload

Over the past few weeks I could swear that while
sitting at my desk, I heard a lawnmower. On several
other occasions it "felt" like it was raining outside.
It hasn't happened to me yet this year, but several
times in the past, out of the corner of my eye, I've
seen planes flying in the dark with their lights
twinkling and bugs crawling in the corner of the
bathroom. Am I crazy? No. These are just signs
of Winterover sensory deprivation. I haven't seen
or heard any of these things for over 9 months.
For your average non-Antarctican, this is a hard
concept to imagine in our busy world full of daily
signs of technology and "normal" nature. My boss,
Dave and I were laughing today about how fast every-
thing seems when you get to Christchurch. Considering
we usually drive only 15 miles per hour here, 50 seems
like 100! The sense of speed can be overwhelming. As
we gear up for a forecasted storm this weekend, I'll
just be glad it's not raining and I'm out mowing the


Anonymous said...

You haven't seen an airplane for over nine months?!? How crazy is that since, I could swear, you were in Air Transportation Services this summer and surely would have seen the last flight go out in late February which would seem to be only four and a half months ago.

Lori Murray said...

Hmm, remember the conversations we had about total ice time :-)

Unknown said...

Ben you dork...I was talking about planes in the night.

Unknown said...

Yes Lori...we did have that conversation, although I saw these things several years ago as well. Hmmmm