Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Who Actually Likes This Guy?

My Cubs are in the middle of a four game series with
the San Francisco Giants and have won 2 out of the 3
so far. The Cubs are hot and I'm trying to follow
them the best I can (not easy being down here being
television-challenged). However, Barry Bonds has only
been to bat once during this series. Not that I'm a
big Barry Bonds fan, but quite the opposite. This
series started on my Tuesday and one of the first
things that went through my mind as I was getting
ready for work was; wouldn't it be nice if the first
pitch to him during the series was right under his
chin and put him down. Not to actually hit him, but
let him know that his shennanigans weren't welcome in
Wrigley Field (My Dad would be proud of this thought,
no great lover of arrogant players, he). Ok, I know,
violence doesn't solve anything. I just don't like
this guy. I grew up a big Henry Aaron fan, and this
faker is no Henry Aaron. Unfortunately he will pass
Aaron sometime this season as the all-time home run
leader. But Aaron hit his 755 home runs without being
on steroids.

Aaron = Honest Player ... Bonds = Cheater

So maybe Bonds and his overly-large steroid-induced
head will step up to the plate tomorrow, and the Cubs
pitcher will do the right thing...only a suggestion.


Anonymous said...

I can't promise that my pitch would to Bonds would be under the chin, but I know that it would be somewhere in that vacinity.

Anonymous said...

Bad news-Bonds homored twice off of the cubbies today.
Good News-cubbies still won.