Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Summertime Blues

I called my parents in Indiana this weekend and to
my surprise, my sister answered the phone. My sister
Nancy that lives in Oklahoma. Huh...I thought I dialed
the right number and I did. Nancy and her husband Greg
were visiting my parents for the week. It's the middle
of summer there and it made me miss all of the fun things
that involve being back in the States for summer. Green
grass, leafy trees, warm sunny days and outdoor cookouts.
I really miss grilling and outdoor cookouts. Hamburgers,
Hot Dogs, Brats, Corn on the cob, Barbeque Baked Beans,
Potato Salad, "Noodle" Salad, Sun Tea. Sigh. Instead
we get McMurdo food. Don't get me wrong. Angie's staff
does the best job they can. In fact, they're all very
talented and put a great deal of heart into their work.
However, this time of year I think they might be running
out of new ideas as the two pictures below indicate...


Lori Murray said...

Brats & fresh beer, mmmm.

Tom, in your honor I'll go to Homer Brewing this coming week. Get a tall glass of fresh Red Knot ale and order a grilled Brat in the Brat Garden. And if I can get you and Lynn to come visit some summer, I'll take you there.

Unknown said...

Wow! That sounds awesome! Someday...Someday :)