Sunday, August 19, 2007

Freshies!'s here. Summer has begun. Good or Bad.
Some friends have arrived and some friends have left.
Most notably Kaska and Kevin left today. We will next
see them in Christchurch in October when they are on
their way back here for the summer. With all the traffic
though come Freshies! Fresh Fruit...I'm not even a
huge fresh fruit nut but I love this day for basically
only this reason.

The nice thing about getting Freshies today is that
we Winterovers are the only ones that get them. None
for the WINFLY folks who just came from the land of sun
and warmth and lots of fruit. Ours...all ours. The rest
of the fruit and veggies will come in Wednesday. But for
now, these Freshies are ours!

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