Saturday, August 18, 2007


There is so much that has happened the past few
days. Nothing bad, just everyone running around
like crazy people, getting ready for the first
flight tomorrow. Our world will change dramatically
as 116 new people join us at McMurdo. With the 12 of
us that are leaving on the first flight out, there will
be 116 "Orange" people (These are people with tans)
compared to 107 pasty Winterovers. It only gets worse
during the next few days as two additional planes will
land and more of us leave. Winterovers will make up
about 1/4 of the population by the end of the day on
the 24th. Sigh. Anyway, yesterday was our NSF
Antarctic Medal Ceremony in which we are honored for
Wintering-Over. I'll write more about it in a week or
so if I get time, but we were each given a cool
certificate acknowledging our contribution. (see above)

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Anonymous said...

That certificate is beautiful. Thanks for showing it to your faithful readers. Good luck with all the chaos.