Friday, August 10, 2007

Going To Extremes

As I write this, it's 93 degrees in Grand Junction
Colorado, where we live when we're not on the Ice.
Not too hot for there, especially considering it's
the middle of August and it's gone over 100 multiple
times this year. However, this morning at Building 71,
which is home of the support equipment for the NASA
Radome, the wind chill reached -90. Only a 183 degree
difference in temps. A few years ago, our wind chill
here got down to -123. I was really disappointed that
it didn't get down to -124. Why you ask? Because when
I lived in Phoenix in the mid-90's, it once got up to
+124. I wanted to have that huge swing in temperature
extremes. It is -30 ambient right now, but probably not
in any danger of getting down to the -59 we experienced
a couple years ago. The weather always seems to misbehave
the most during WINFLY and the period leading up to it.
This year seems to be no exception as Arrival Heights
went to Condition 1 this morning while the rest of town
reached Condition 2. (1 being worst, 3 being best).

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