Monday, August 13, 2007

Sherbert Colored Sky

Lynn and I were walking out of lunch today and our
friend Carrie reminded us to enjoy the Sherbert
Colored Sky. She grew up saying sherbert as did I,
but her father always said sherbet...not to be confused
with sorbet. I wonder if it's a regional thing because
the three people I spoke with when I came back into the
office said sherbert and not the other one. My favorite
sherbert has always been Orange. Not because it tastes
so good, but because of memories it brings back. My
Grandma and Grandpa used to take us a restaurant called
Miner-Dunn when we went to The Village
Shopping Center in Glen Park, near Gary Indiana. They
would give you the Sherbert with your meal (in most
cases a hamburger and fries) because it was supposed
to cleanse your palate. Pretty fancy stuff for a burger
place. But we kids saw it as dessert and wanted to eat
it first. Of course we had to wait until last because
Mom said it was dessert (I think a sneaky way to get out
of listening to us beg for dessert. By then it was all
melty and made the paper cup it came in soggy. So nothing
like orange-flavored soupy sherbert...yum!
When there was a really special occasion like a anniversary
or birthday, we would go to Teibel's which
was a fancy restaurant, and you had a choice of peppermint
ice cream, what I recall as butter brickle, and raspberry
sherbert. Of course we almost always got the peppermint
ice cream. Not sure why we didn't get the raspberry
sherbert. Probably because it didn't come in a cool
little cup and we weren't forbidden to eat it until after
our meal was over. So today I walked out the door, looked
off to the horizon and enjoyed the Sherbert Colored Sky...
and thought of a messy gooey mess in a paper cup.

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