Saturday, August 04, 2007

Taking Money From Orphans

We thought that we were going to make it all the
way through this winter without having a Condition 1.
But...not so fast. Pretty much out of nowhere we had
a Condition 1 yesterday with winds over 92 miles per
hour (80 knots). Although we didn't have any snow
with it, what snow we had on the ground blew around a
lot and made it impossible to see Dorm 209, which is
only about 25 feet outside our window. Lynn and I were
supposed to go to the A-Frame Saturday night with Kaska
and Kevin, Tad and Seth but as Saturday progressed it
looked more and more like we weren't going to go.
Eventually, everyone (and Jason) ended up in our room
and watched tv, hung out and waited for the storm to
die down. A good thing we didn't go because we would
have been pretty miserable. We also got a much better
night's sleep. now, you're wondering, what the heck does this
have to do with orphans. Well, there was a Condition 1
Pool going on all season. It was even mentioned in an
article in the Christchurch Press. Over $1000 U.S. and
if no one won it, the money would go to the Cholmondelay
Children's Home outside Christchurch. Well at brunch I
teased Bodie (who is a Kiwi) that he would have to grow
one of those handlebar moustaches that the villain that
took away the land from the widow or foreclose on the house
used to wear in the old old movies. Bodie had just taken
money away from orphans. I think we're safe that he won't
put a tied up heroine on train tracks though since the
nearest train is thousands of miles away!


Anonymous said...

"since the nearest train is thousands of miles away."---not to mention the nearest heroine!

Unknown said...

Once again, world famous in New Zealand: