Friday, August 03, 2007

Show Me Your Green Card

Our friend, Kaska celebrated her aquisition of an
American Green Card by being the guest of honor at
a "Green Card Party" thrown by her husband Kevin.
Kaska is from Poland and had a permit to work in the
United States, but not a Green Card, which give a lot
more flexibility to her living and work options and
is a closer step for her gaining U.S. citizenship. It's
funny, but she can become an American citizen while
maintaining her Polish citizenship, but Kevin cannot
become a Polish citizen while maintaining his American
citizenship. America is actually pretty liberal about
this. Our State Department will let you stay an
American almost anywhere, but not so for many other

When guests came to the door of Hut 10, Alex and Nathan
greeted everyone with a barrage of questions, asking
how long we've been out of the country, quote the Pledge
of Allegience, etc. Because Kevin invited a set list of
people, he made up "Green Cards" for each person attending.
I was from Poland. A nice touch since Kaska and I have
talked about our Polish roots many times. Lynn was from
"The Land of Oz" and others were from "A Van Down By The
River" and "Somewhere Over There". Our friend Antz, actually
brought his real Green Card since he's a NZ citizen. Nice
Touch. It was also Seth's birthday, who's fluent in Swedish
and besides getting a pie in the face, told us what I would
guess were really bad jokes in Swedish and made fun of
Norwegians. (Lynn is half Norwegian) I called it a night
at almost midnight, while many crept back across the border
at 4am. I don't know how they do it.

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Anonymous said...

Darn McMurdo green card holders; taking jobs from honest penquins!