Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ain't No Sunshine

The's a fickle mistress. Especially here.
I feel like I live in Seattle...or even Chicago in
January. I know it's there somewhere. My coffee
intake has taken a huge upturn. My "Gray" factor is
jumping by leaps and bounds. The sun rose on August
19th and it's been rising above the horizon for 19
days now. Have I seen it? No. Is it even there?
I don't know. Have they been lying to us? Sunrise
and sunset times...HA! Just a figment of someone's
imagination. But right now you're thinking...Tom,
you don't see the sun at all from late April until
late Augsut anyway...what's the big deal. The big
deal? THE BIG DEAL? Because when you have no
chance of seeing the sun, you don't get your hopes
up. It's not like the sun will magically appear
on June 21st like some beacon or messiah. It's
below the horizon and you just won't see it. You
wrap your head around that idea and move on.
But it's "possible" to see the sun.
Only thing is you can't see it because of the
clouds. It took about 10 days to get to a spot
where you could see it without climbing a mountain.
The thing is though...we've been cloudy or stormy
ever since. Hence my cloudy "Gray" disposition.
So I will think "Sunny" thoughts, drink the last
of my New Mexico Pinion coffee and stare longingly
out the window at work...thinking someday...someday
evil will be mine!

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