Tuesday, September 04, 2007

20 Airports


We made our reservations yesterday for our travels
off-Ice. When we leave here sometime during the
first week of October until the time we return for
next winter, we will have been taking off, landing,
or both at 20 different airports on five of the
seven continents, due to the places we've chosen
to visit and our ensuing connections to get from
one place to another. Of course some of those,
such as Munich, Zurich, Vienna and Warsaw may
only see our shadow for up to an hour, but it
will still be interesting to see each airport.
I have the feeling by the time we get to...oh,
let's say number 14, which is O'Hare in Chicago,
I'm going to be getting that hmmm...what airport
are we in, what city is this, feeling. Of course,
adding an extra 29,000 miles to my frequent flyer
account will make it much easier...

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