Monday, September 03, 2007


Minds are starting to go bye bye. A long, multi-faceted
conversation started today via McMurdo email about types
of underwear. This carried on over quite some time (Yes,
your tax dollars at work) and eventually spilled over into
lunch where some were driven from the table, while others
enthusiastically joined in. I got a bit of an education.
I found there were many other types of men's underwear
than boxers or briefs (tighty whiteys/whitey tighties...I
was mocked for confusing the name). Lots of kinds of
women's underwear. A story about a relative that was a
Navy nurse who never had to buy underwear and then got
confused when she had to after quitting the Navy. Then
there's even something strange and mysterious that are
called "boy shorts" that aren't shorts and aren't worn
by boys. Even Garanimals and Underoos from many
childhoods ago were mentioned. Hmmm...curiouser and
curiouser how the brain functions these days.

By the way, that's our friend Sandwich (who I call Sammich...
After all, I am a Chicagoan at heart) doing cartwheels in the South Pole this past summer.


Eduardo Waghorn said...

Wow, it is incredible.

Sailing by blog I found you...How it is posible, do you stay in Antartide, really???


My dream is know it. I live in Chile, imagine, the southest country of the world. So I am not TOO FAR from you (near 2.000 miles??:)

A warm hug to you from Chile. Please, visit me if you want.

And keep blogging!

Eduardo Waghorn said...

Id like to link you from my Image's blog. Hope you dont mind...

Unknown said...

Hola Eduardo,

Thanks for reading my blog. I'd be honored if you add a link to me on your blog.