Sunday, September 16, 2007

Frozen Blogosphere

I did a fairly thorough search the other day and discovered
that there are twenty blogs being produced from McMurdo during
this WINFLY period. I might have missed a few so if you happen
to know of any more, please let me know. I didn't include any
MySpace blogs since you usually have to join MySpace to read them.
In two weeks, when Mainbody starts, there will be way too many
blogs to keep track of.

I've received notes from others that there are blogs I missed.
I'm placing them in this post and will continue to do so.

Here they are - Click on the link to go to that blog.

A day in the life of Greg-O
Andy & Meghan World
Antarctic conservation blog
Antarctica and Beyond 07-08
Antarctica Dispatch
Antarctica: Take Two
B&G on Ice
galen in antarctica
good books
How Low Can You Go?
Keri's Excellent Adventures
kish's blawg
Life On The Ice
Living Life Backwards
On Our Way
Rebecca's Adventures in the Very Deep South
Ryan's Antarctic Ramblings
stuck between a sandwich and a cold place
The Gecko In The Sink
the siren song of the anti-bears
Travels With Mogwai
wandering in search of......
Way Down Under


Anonymous said...

These are the ones I know about:
summer firefighter
mcmurdo fireman?
big dead place
Conservation blog at Scott
mcmurdo winteroverer
mcmurdo winteroverer
mcmurdo winteroverer
Mcmurdo summer folks' blog
McMurdo couple
mcmurdo winteroverer
McMurdo guy
McMurdo weather guy Cliff
McMurdo rec woman
McMurdo woman =
McMurdo pix
McMurdo baker
McMurdo GA woman
McMurdo woman
McMurdo veteran
McMurdo man
McMurdo fuellie
McMurdo guy?
McMurdo couple
McMurdo veteran
McMurdo fuellie
McMurdo SAR guy
McMurdo woman janitor
McMurdo housing woman
McMurdo FNG DA
McMurdo couple
McMurdo seal researcher
McMurdo guy

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know of some MySpace Ice folks, but unless it's a totally public no need to sign in to the cult blog, I don't list it either. Which is a shame.

My list of blogs is reaching ridiculous length on my blog. I've gotta get a drop down menu thing going on too.

Genevieve E

And BTW Anonymous Commenter of the Lengthy Blog List, I'm not there yet. On Ice that is, I'm due there on Oct 5th.


Unknown said...

Thanks anonymous. I've added quite a few of the ones I didn't originally list.

Unknown said...

Hi Genevieve,

Good to hear from you. I go to your blog all the time! Congrats on getting the job. I know it was touch and go for a while. Lynn and I will be getting out of here on the 3rd and staying at the Y. Maybe we'll see you there.

ps. I use a drop down on my blog. If you want, right click on my page and "view source". You'll see the html tag there and you can copy it to paste into your site.

petoonya said...

hi Tom,

here's another Winfly blogger:

cheers! Marsha